Unibet Bookmaker Review

Unlike many bookmakers, Unibet was started by a founder wanting to share his betting expertise with the public.

The founder, Anders Strom, didn’t just want to make a bookmaker, but a betting hub for all aspiring and seasoned punters.

Beginning in 1997, it took some time for the global brand to hit the Australian market, but it has made quite an impact since. It’s known as one of the best promotional bookmakers in the market, and we attest to that claim.

Our Unibet bookmaker review looks at all the features that make the global bookie a huge success story.

Unibet Features

The team behind Unibet is always thinking of ways to stay ahead of the game. That’s great news for punters, and we feel as though Unibet is the hidden gem of Australian-based bookmakers.

Not only does it come packed with unique promotions and ways for punters to interact with each other, but they also have an excellent live streaming service.

You’re able to live stream most of the major sports, including NFL and NBA. It’s a must-have feature for any bookmaker wanting to take punting to the next level, and Unibet meets this standard.


Unibet sponsors major sporting events around the globe, so naturally, their betting selection is of a high stand. You can bet on all the major sports and they a comprehensive list of available sports, which is rivalled only by Bet365.

Fancy a bet on WWE or the Olympic Games? Unibet has you covered when other bookmakers might not.

Our only gripe is the number of betting markets available. Most games have the standard options such as head-to-head and total points, but there is a distinct lack of exotic betting options. However, the odds are in the punters’ favour, and that’s what counts the most.


It didn’t start as an online horse racing bookmaker, but Unibet knows how important horse racing is to Australians.

Not only do you get some of the best horse racing odds in the country, but you also get some of the best promotions. Weekly deals include; Price Push, Reboost, and Jockey Specials. It all adds to the betting experience and having access to bonus offers is a massive drawcard for any player.

We can’t say anything negative about the horse racing section. It’s complete, and we’re not surprised why it’s the first choice for many new punters.

Unibet App

Available for iPhone, iPad, and Android users, the Unibet App is a one-stop-shop for punters who love to have a bet on the go.

Capable for sports and horse racing players, the Unibet App not only allows you to place bets but live streaming of over 30,000 sporting events per year is possible.

In-play betting is available, and the speed is lightning fast for those wanting to place last-second wagers.

Unibet customer service

A live chat option is available, but it’s not 24/7. That’s the only negative in what is an excellent customer service record.

The response times for live chat, email, and phone are freakishly quick.

  • Phone – 6 seconds
  • Live chat – 45 seconds
  • Email – 10 minutes


You can’t go wrong with Unibet. They treat all their customers well, and the level of professionalism exceeds expectations.