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When are tips sent out?

You can expect to receive our tips between 8am – 9am on race days. This is to ensure that scratchings can be taken into account, and that we have the most up to date weather and track information, while still giving our subscribers enough time to get on the tips.

What sort of tips will I receive?

The Shark specialises in Roughies (i.e. high value selections) and that will be the primary focus of the tips you will receive.

The Shark also gets some great mail on best bets, and most race days you will also receive his Quaddie for the day, and a multi too every now and then.

Do all of your tips win?

Definitely not. The nature of racing is unpredictable, and this is amplified when you are picking Roughies like the Shark.

In saying that, The Shark has a proven record over a number of years. Just remember, it’s gambling!

What happens if I lose?

Unfortunately there will also be losing weeks, which hopefully are outweighed by the winning ones! The Shark will never be liable for any losses if you choose to back his tips – remember, nothing is guaranteed!